William CATH (1789-1855)

The youngest son of John Cath (1749-1797) who was the only one to have children who survived to adulthood. All the known CATHs in the UK tree are therefore descended from him.


I have been working on the CATH surname for about 20 years now, though I was lucky to have all my father's and great uncle's work to build on. I have found 3 main trees - my father's, based in England with a branch in USA; a different USA tree with people mainly in NY state, that could possibly be related to the English family (DNA testing needed here!); and a completely separate Dutch family who took the name in 1811 when Napoleon organised Holland and everyone had to take a surname rather than use patronymics, as had been the practice before that date.

My UK CATH tree is the most complete, with the ancestors of those who married in researched as well as the direct line.

Please contact me if you have any additions or corrections to make to what you find here - it is very much a work in progress!

John CATH (1779-1839)

John was the eldest son of John CATH (1749-1797) and a successful import-export agent in London, living and trading in St Mary at Hill near London Bridge.